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We offer both a variety of restorative techniques and services including porcelain crowns, bridges, implant restoration,veneers, tooth colored fillings, silver amalgam, root canals, cleanings and whitening. Each technique and material has indications for its best application as briefly explained here. We always like to inform our patients of the various appropriate options available to them for proper restoration of their smile. We also maintain good relationships with various trusted local specialists to handle those occasional situations we feel they are better suited to treat.


Cleaning- The single most important dental appointment for each person is the regular dental prophylaxis (cleaning). Cleaning is good maintenance! Studies have shown that the people who change the oil regularly in their car have the longest lasting cars. In the same way, studies have also shown that people who regularly get their teeth cleaned have, by far, the best chance of keeping their teeth for a lifetime.

Healthy Gums- Healthy gums are the foundation that teeth and all other dental work rests upon. They are essential for all other dental treatment to be effective. Various treatments and procedures are available to improve the health of gums, but the most important factor by far is the effective brushing and flossing done at home. Periodontal (Gum) disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Always remember that no dental treatment will ever be successful for the long run without good oral hygiene every day by the patient.

Whitening- Also called tooth bleaching, involves the use of gelled forms of hydrogen peroxide to brighten the surface tooth enamel and remove stains. In our office we use custom made trays to hold and deliver the gel directly to the teeth. This is done at home over the course of a couple of weeks. We find this to be the most long lasting, gentle, controlled, and cost effective way of whitening for our patients.

Silver Amalgam – The older traditional filling material which still has a place in modern dentistry. It offers lowest cost with high decay resistance. Unfortunately, it tarnishes and stains teeth over time and can lead to a false sense of having your teeth “restored” when it is meant to merely “fill” the teeth.

Tooth Colored Composite Fillings- These are the beautiful (Plastic) filling materials that are used on front teeth and also in the proper situations on back teeth. Used properly, this material provides long lasting natural looking restorations. It is not a direct substitute for silver amalgam however. Deep decay along roots, between teeth, poor oral hygiene, bleeding gums, and other factors can interfere with the bonding which is necessary for composite to work well. It is very important to understand the benefits and limitations of all dental materials used to restore your teeth.

Crowns- When the side of a tooth is chipped off or decay necessitates replacement of a large portion of a tooth, a crown should be the first restoration considered. Modern dental ceramics used in crowns are very strong, beautiful, and comfortable. Crowns provide long lasting restoration and protection of teeth. We often hear ”Can't you just fill it?” The answer is “yes, we can 'fill' just about any hole in a tooth”, and often that is a practical, good choice. However, you must also consider how long the “filling” will last and how much collateral damage will be accumulated over time until a proper restoration is placed. We want you to be well informed to make wise choices concerning your dental health for now and in the future.

Root Canals- If the nerve inside a tooth is damaged or infected (abscessed) a “root canal” is performed to remove the infected or damaged tissue. In most cases, a crown is required after this to return the tooth to near its original strength. Millions of teeth have been saved over the years with what is nowadays a relatively simple painless procedure.

Veneers- These are very thin (0.3mm) custom made porcelain shells bonded to the front of teeth to strengthen worn or chipped teeth and improve esthetics. They can provide a dramatic improvement in appearance and often improve self confidence and self image. Usually, some tooth reduction is necessary to allow room for the veneer to prevent a feeling of bulkiness, but the results can be amazing!

Bridges and Implants- These provide natural feeling and looking replacement for missing teeth. A single missing tooth can, if not replaced, cause a series of gradually developing problems which will over time cause the loss of multiple additional teeth and additional discomfort . There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of tooth replacement. These are best handled on an individual basis after proper analysis and discussion of the situation.

Extractions- Sometimes circumstances dictate that a tooth must be removed. We do our very best to ensure patient comfort with a gentle, experienced touch. If a patient wants to be asleep for the procedure, we will gladly refer you to a trusted oral surgeon. Note, we often recommend new techniques of bone replacement to make replacing the missing tooth a stronger and more esthetic possibility than ever before.

Dentures and Partials- If multiple or all teeth are lost, the most economical and common replacement choice often involves dentures and partial dentures. Dr. Argentine has made thousands of dentures over the years and worked with many challenging and different situations. The addition of implants for stability and retention has opened a whole new series of options for patients that were not available in the past.

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